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Sexual wellness Involves Healthy Relationships

Sexual Wellness


Sexual wellbeing is essential to a woman’s health. However many sexual health problems go unaddressed and untreated due to a lack of knowledge about the options and treatments available. Hormone Balance is a vital component to preventing common problems women deal with, such as infertility, premenstrual syndrome, miscarraige, breast cancer, endometriosis, menstrual problems, ovarian cysts, and mood disorders. When a woman’s hormones become imbalanced uncomfortable changes can occur, such as vaginal itching/ irritation, dryness, changes in vaginal pH, and thinning of vaginal tissue. Because of these changes, many women experience vaginal pain, especially during sex. At Bio Cell Wellness Group, we provide an array of solutions to concur these issues, as well as sexual problems, including low desire, arousal and orgasm disorders.

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