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Since becoming a client of BioCell Wellness Group in February 2020, the quality of my life has improved so dramatically, it's been a legitimately life changing experience. The level of service is exceptional, and my tailored treatment program has been by far the most effective solution for optimizing my wellbeing. As a former athlete and speaking as someone who considers training an essential element of my lifestyle, maintaining a high standard of fitness is vital for me, and BioCell Wellness Group has enabled me to maintain that standard. BioCell's staff is beyond compare when it comes to genuine caring for their clients, and their understanding and attentiveness is equally unmatched. Having worked with several different companies in the same field over the last six years, I can say with no reservations that BioCell Wellness Group is without question the best, and it's reassuring to no end having such a dedicated, compassionate, supportive, and professional team looking out for my health and wellbeing. If you're at all interested in achieving ideal results when it comes to your health and wellbeing, BioCell Wellness Group is undoubtedly the best in the business.
Dave Pasetti
When I first met Clay and Marela from the Bio Cell Wellness Group, I was amazed by their acute knowledge regarding top-notch treatments on the market available to anyone, from Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy, Micro-nutrients deficiency testing, IV Infusion therapy, Skin Care therapy and more. However, I have been mostly impressed by how well they worked together to give patients first-rate, coordinated care, including Lab works, Personalized treatments, one on one consultations and continue progress follow-up, just to mention a few. I’ve been a loyal client for over five years and I attest to the fact that my health has improved dramatically since I have been under their care. I recommend Bio Cell Wellness Group without any hesitation to anyone. They are first-class professionals trained to provide you with the guidance and tools to become the best version of yourself at any stage of your life.
Efrain Santiago
I love this place! Marela & Clay are so knowledgeable about what it really means to be Healthy! They use your own blood work to make recommendations of supplements or hormones you may need to feel your absolute best. I had a facial and my skin was glowing after to where even strangers came up to me and told me how my skin was glowing. I highly recommend this place for anything health related or cosmetic!
Jalitza Hernandez
I’m extremely happy with the products and service at Biocell. I have been using the skin care products for over a year and the results have been tremendously amazing. I recently did an iv vitamin c therapy treatment to boost my immune system. I also had a facial done and the experience was so relaxing and my face visibly changed for the better in just one session. I constantly rave about Biocell Wellness Group because I truly love the products.
Evs Nation
The attention that was given to me was nothing less than amazing. Marela, Clay, and the rest of the staff made the experience very pleasurable and comfortable. I highly recommend this place for your needs in skin care and hormone therapy!
Stephen Guerrero

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